How Much I Sold In 2019

This will be a longer series of blog posts that I’m going to make, as it’s hard to fit an entire recap of 2019 into one post! But I will be sharing with you my exact sales numbers from Amazon, and also from the other platforms I sell on. I will not be including the exact profit that I’m taking home from this, as I just don’t feel comfortable doing that. Just know industry standard can range anywhere from 10% – 30% net margin after all fees. But please know there are a lot of fee’s, cost of goods sold, returns, refunds, storage fees, etc that are not included in the sales revenue. The screenshots I post are simply that, sales revenue. 

Before we get to the numbers, one more topic to discuss. My goal with sharing my financial results are to show what can be done, and is not meant to be seen as bragging or anything of the sort. I want to show that working hard, and sticking with your plan can absolutely pay off in the long run! I hope this will inspire you to take your side hustle to the next level, and to keep on putting that work in! Without taking up any more of your time… let’s do some recap!

My main 2 platforms I use to sell products online are Amazon FBA, and also eBay. I do dabble in Facebook marketplace which is reflected on my seBay sales spreadsheet numbers. 

I sold $100,223.40 on the Amazon selling platform from January 1st 2019 – December 31st 2019. I wish that was all profit, and I wish it was all mine to keep.. But sadly it’s not! This number is just top line revenue, meaning it’s the amount of money I sold on Amazon. When looking at

this screenshot, you’ll notice that there was a huge spike on the right side of each graph. That’s the power of Q4 on Amazon – Sales were insane!

The screenshot below will breakdown my top 5 categories that I sold in 2019.

You will notice that my favorite category to sell in is the toys category. That category alone brought in over 52% of my entire years revenue. I enjoy selling toys, I think it’s mainly because I have 4 young kids (7 and under) and I know what’s what in regards to hot selling toys! Next up is video games at a nice 22% of my revenue. Now I really enjoy selling video games for a few reasons, but one of the main reasons I love selling games. They are SMALL and LIGHT to ship into Amazon! They fit nicely in these large boxes that I ship full of other products, and always seem to sell well.

Another thing that caught my eye when going through my recap was the amount of units sold. I sold 3,564. That seems to me like a ton of product to have shipped into Amazon! My average sales price was solid at the $29.33, which helps out when I get returns, etc.

Now for my eBay/FB Marketplace/Poshmark sales. Just a side note, we started getting heavier into the used clothing business in late 2019. (Around August/October) – We purchased a bunch of clothing items (12 Totes or so!) from a local individual who was getting out of the reselling business. He gave us a KILLER deal and we are so grateful for the jumpstart into the used clothing business! Most of my sales are from items that I’m restricted to sell on Amazon, or they are Amazon returns that I can’t put back on the Amazon platform because they were damaged, or missing a piece, etc.

I ended up with an additional $12,108.96 in revenue by selling on those other platforms combined. Now that’s not a huge number by any means, but like I stated above. This really was my main outlet for moving product from Amazon that was returned or damaged, to at least recoup some of my cost! You can tell based upon the screenshot that September is when things started getting listed with the used clothing, as sales were much higher than average through the year at that point. Our best month was November when we sold a total of $2,490.45 – For just the revenue from the clothing business we added in $709 for the month of November. It was great to get that additional stream of income. My wife is now 100% running the used clothing side of the business, from getting inventory, to listing, responding to customer messages, etc. When you add in that revenue, we ended up with $112,332.36 (Note:

This is not the exact number I will be entering in for my taxes, as I may have missed reporting a sale, or miscalculated fee’s, etc. that I would catch when doing my tax preparation.

There you have it, that’s a short snippet into how much I sold in 2019! Overall I would say I’m happy with the results, but also am more excited for the possibilities of 2020. My next blog post is going to be a few lessons I learned while selling full time through the year with just the cash I had!

Let me know in the comment section below if you enjoyed seeing actual numbers from the business, these are of course back in 2019. But sometimes it’s nice to see a full picture!

Let me know if you have any questions at all, or be sure to post below or message me on my Instagram account @jbresellhustle