Interested in starting your own reselling business? Not sure where to start when it comes to supplies, equipment, etc. Let me share my equipment and supply list with you! This won’t be an exhaustive list of everything I use, however it will get you pointed in the right direction. At some point some of these links may be affiliated, however if they are it will never be at an increase in cost to you. A very small portion of your purchase through the retailer will come back and help support myself and the content I produce.

To be very clear, I started off with a box cutter, a tape gun, and I used my standard printer from my house to print all of my FNSKU labels and my shipping labels. You don’t need the majority of these items to start, as you grow some of these supplies just make life easier. My best advice, just get started!

Major Equipment


  • I run my entire set-up off of a stock desktop P from OfficeMax. This set-up may have cost around $400 total. At the end of the day, you need a computer whether it’s a laptop, desktop that can print to a printer for your shipping labels and SKU labels. If you’re a tech wizard, you could figure out how to make a chromebook work. However I couldn’t ever figure that out.

Desktop Printer

  • You will need a printer of some kind. Whether it’s a laser, inkjet desktop printer. But this will be your printer you would use to print 30 Up labels for your FNSKU, and then also your shipping labels. I have it linked to the printer that I use (I use an older model, but the price of that one has skyrocketed. This is the newer model of the same exact one I use)

Dymo Label Printer

  • When you can afford this, this was one of my first major purchases. It sped up my prepping and shipping to Amazon FBA considerably.

Dymo 4XL Printer

  • When you start doing volume on Amazon FBA, & eBay. It was getting annoying having to cut out the shipping labels and then tape them onto a box. This just prints a perfect 4×6 label that you peel and stick to your shipping boxes. Definitely a convenience! 


Inventory Lab

  • This is the main software I use for sourcing, accounting, buy lists, etc. This is a cloud based software that is around $50/mo, and is 100% worth it. There are over 20+ Amazon fee’s that you have to account for on a regular basis, and this software syncs up flawlessly with Amazon to account for them. You don’t need this software if you are exclusively eBay, Facebook, Poshmark, etc.  But if you are trying to scale an Amazon business, I would recommend this being one of your first major monthly software purchases. Knowing your numbers are crucial to helping you scale! 
Amazon Seller App
  • This is a free app download to your phone (iOS & Android) and is the official seller app from Amazon. I use this frequently in conjunction with the Inventory Lab software (Scoutify 2). For it being a free app, you can literally grow an Amazon business solely off of the information that this app provides. I never recommend a new seller to sign up for Inventory Lab right away, use the free tools that are available and grow your business that way.


Rev Seller

  • If you are looking to source products online, this is a must have tool if you’re wanting to scale! With this paid Google Chrome extension, it provides you with all of the necessary information right on the Amazon website while looking for products. I use this tool every single time I’m sourcing online, as it provides the fee’s, estimated profit, and a lot more info right on the product detail page on Amazon. 

Tools & Misc Equipment

I will list a handful of tools and equipment I use, with a link to the Amazon/eBay store to purchase them if you’d like. There is no order to this, but I use all of these tools to some degree in my business.